Chinoiserie Silhouette Wallpaper Decorating Ideas

Chinoiserie Silhouette Wallpaper Decorating Ideas
Decorating with Chinoiserie inspired style prints is easy. They go with so many styles of furniture. Using a 2 color wallpaper pattern like this gray and white branching silhouette creates flow throughout a home. It is really easy to style a room with these kind of prints as you can mix various colors with it. White in a pattern keeps it clean and fresh looking with a modern twist. When you use neutral shades like this white and grey "Silhouette' Wallpaper from the Anthology Resource Collection you can mix any style of furniture with it as it creates a simple yet stylish interior. The wallpaper becomes an organic flowing backdrop to your larger furniture pieces yet brings color and texture into the decor. Often wallpaper holds the look of a room together giving it a finished, detailed feel to the rooms decor while blending well with various home products as it's so neutral and easy to decorate around. This print was Inspired by nature's branching tree of life making this pattern visually flow throughout a room. Patterns like this are perfect for open concept spaces as the wallpaper can help create specific niche areas within a large room. You can't go wrong with this classic Chinoiserie Silhouette wallpaper as it's simply modern and stylishly chic.

Silhouette Chinoiserie Wallpaper

Wallpaper Silhouette pattern from Anthology Resource Collection from © 2020 jaima emmert

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