Decorating with Modern Banana Palm Leaf Wallpapers

Decorating with Modern  Banana Palm Leaf Wallpapers

Paradisio Palm Wallpaper

A new wallpaper collection called Anthology Resource is coming out this fall. We are excited about this new, large scale 36" vertical banana leaf print which is silk screened, so the colors are rich and deep! A classic yet modern pattern. Banana leaves are not just for living in a warm climate. This design looks fabulous in an apartment or home no matter if you are in New York or south in Charleston. You decide the look you want to create which emulates your inner style. Try exploring something different for your walls at home. Enjoy natures bounty when you decorate with these leaf patterns in a home or office space. Make a designer statement. This 36 inch vertical leaf print comes in various colors such as green and coral; greys & taupe's for the person who wants to enhance their neutral interior with a dramatic pattern blending perfectly with neutral surroundings. Yes, this gorgeous Paradisio Palm Print comes in blue and white, for the classic blue & white lover. It's the perfect print to come home to after a long day! You will be so happy once you step inside your home! Go bold and be happy. Cheers.

Paradisio Palm Wallpaper

Image from Anthology Resource Collection by Daisy Bennett Designs. Designed by Jaima Brown Emmert ©2019 Jaima Emmert

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