Design Tips - Lemon Infusion

Design Tips - Lemon Infusion

Yes, lemon designs are back in style and trending in home décor as well as fashion. I just visited the Atlanta Market and saw lots of lemons on various products which was refreshing.

So many lemons, aren't they bright and beautiful?!

A Little Lemon History

The lemon tree was known historically as the “Citrus Limon” and has been popular since the 15th century.

Spiritually, lemons are a symbol of happiness and optimism. They apparently clear negative energy away and bring happiness.

They are also a natural cleanser as lemon water is one of the best things to drink every morning for purification and detoxification of the body.

When I was growing up, my mother often used Lemon juice with salt to rid a stain from a piece of clothing. Yes, lemons are also great for cleaning.

Lemons also have the ability to increase love and have the power to heal. The color yellow is a symbol of optimism and happiness.

Lemons can be used as an ingredient to cleanse you mind, spirit and help one focus. Did you know, that spiritually and historically lemons are known to attract good fortune and can help people embrace change in their lives. Some health healers believe if you put lemon oil in a bath and visualize your negative thoughts and energy leaving your body, you can lift a heavy burden from your soul.

Some areas in the world use lemons to chase negative energy away by rubbing lemon oil on foreheads to remove the negative thoughts.

It’s amazing how this brightly colored fruit is used for so many things in life from healing to cooking to just being visually pleasing in home decor and in nature.

A Few Lemon Designs by me

I have a Meyer’s Lemon tree in my back garden which was part inspiration behind my Blossom Mural, my lemon tote bag and wristlet.

Now I am going to make a lemon wallpaper.

Life just keeps getting brighter every day when you have lemons in your life! Enjoy!

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