Modern Glam Look with Pearl Glitter Wallpaper

Modern Glam Look with Pearl Glitter Wallpaper
You want the look of Hollywood glam in a subtle way but not sure how to pull it off? Select patterns that reflect the elegance of the past and mix them with modern prints. "Ammi" is a contemporary pattern that is printed on white in a pearl glitter ink. The Glitter creates a subtle bling affect on the wall and adds a touch of simple luxury to any decor. Mix it with "Solana", a faux vinyl embossed grasscloth. It's great for durability but feels and looks all natural. Finish the interior with a timeless Chinoiserie toile fabric with a pop of Fuschia and your subtle Hollywood Glam look is born!

Glamorous Grey

Photo © 2018 Jaima Emmert. Fabric Chinoiserie Toile "Tomiko Toile" from Chelsea Lane Collection by Jaima Brown Home. Ammi Floral Wallpaper and Solana from Woodlands Resource Collection by Vinyl Embossed Grasscloth from Woodlands Resource Collection

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