How to Style Pillows on a Navy Couch

How to Style Pillows on a Navy Couch

What kind of pillows should you put on a navy couch?

Pillow Ideas for a Navy Couch

Well, here are some ideas! If you like blue and white and want to create a fresh novel look in your home, try using our Marview Stripe pillow as it has several different blue colors in it so you can mix it with several other blues in your decor. What I like about this textual stripe is that it has a soft touch to it and feels like a chenille.

It’s perfect to go with our Novelty Fish pillow with its various blues, greens and having a white background really makes it pop on the navy couch. Accent pillows in bedrooms, dens or living rooms always stand out and make a statement. Novelty pillows are fun to use as they add a conversational piece to any interior. The fish pillow design also comes on a navy background but for this navy couch, the white fish fabric visually pops with blues and greens. The fish pillows are made with outdoor fabric so are durable and can be used on a lanai by a pool as well as inside like here on the navy couch.

accent pillows in blue fish, stripe and watercolor.

Another pattern to mix with the fish print is the Catwalk spot pillow in blue and white. If you want to keep the colors lighter on the couch, this is a good example as the pillow patterns flow together but also create a blue and white design story. The blue Marview pillow offers more of a textural stripe that brings in more blues while the catwalk spot print is more of a leopard style print for the couch. Just depends on the look you want to achieve with your living room space. I love all three!

catwalk pillow in blue

These fun pillows add a pop of color and make a designer statement. Why not have some fun in your home and make it stylish and a happy place visually. These pillows do just that!

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