Luxury Living - Wallpaper in Gold and White

Luxury Living - Wallpaper in Gold and White

Gold wallpaper is back and we love it because it exudes style and luxury.

gold and white wallpaper in crackle pattern, Tribeca by daisy bennett designs

Gold is resurfacing as a popular design trend as it evolves more in home design in accessories, lighting and furniture.

It’s been around for centuries especially with European Royalty not only for fashion but in home décor. Have you ever seen the Palace of Versailles in France… that is a gold haven in architectural detail.

Who doesn't love gold?!

Try using a textured burnished gold wallpaper like this gold modern crackle print in your home.

Looks great in any room, even a home office for zoom meetings. Modern but distinct and stylish. Clean and easy to decorate around, that is the beauty of these simple textured prints.

Inspired by stain glass but brings an elegant look to a space. Perfect to to go with furniture, lighting, hardware and accessories. Especially today as various golds were highlighted at the Atlanta Home show so it’s back in fashion.

Gold mines well with silver as you are not limited to sticking with gold accessories.

You don’t have to be British, or the Queen to have a golden palace or your own. Invite some warmth into your home with our Tribeca Gold Wallpaper from the Anthology Resource Collection.

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