Mixology of Modern Patterns

Mixology of Modern Patterns

I have another great pattern mixing tip for you this week!

What is Mixology of pattern? It usually is saved for mixing cocktails but I like to create it with pattern.

Mixing patterns is my specialty and I want to show you some ideas of what to put with a modern graphic wallpaper.

The wallpaper is our Tribeca pattern. I have it here in the aqua/teal blue.

tribeca pattern wallpaper by daisy bennett designs turquoise modern wallpaper

A multi colored transitional pattern like our Caitlin Pillow is perfect on a bed or couch as it brings out the aqua that is featured in the wallpaper.


I love the mix of these two prints. Fresh, clean and bright.

This Catlin Pillow also comes in an eco canvas material so its perfect or indoor /outdoor settings. Caitlin also comes in a cotton/linen fabric for indoor breakfast nooks or living lounging areas. So comfy to relax on.

The wallpaper crackle design is great for an entrance foyer where you can have this clean graphic wallpaper blended with a modern painting pillow like this one. This pillow is soft and the transitional design has loosely painted flowers and brush marks, so relates to the wallpaper technique as well.

Wallpaper is Tribeca pattern from Anthology Resource Collection and the Pillow is Caitlin. Enjoy a cool space with these transitional prints.

I hope you enjoyed these styling ideas! For more information on the Caitlin pillow, please comment below or contact us for details.

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