Naples Palm Mural - Nature Inspired Design

tropical naples palm mural wallpaper

It’s all about where one lives that can influence your design style. I happen to live in Florida and it is the perfect place to get nature inspired by the lush, tropical plants and landscapes I use in my designs.

Our Naples Palm Mural has a white background. I wanted to share this mural with you, so I hung it on the wall so you can get an idea of the scale of this print. It is a large scale print of the green palms and birds of paradise.

Nature inspires with such an impact on all of us. We should all take care of it as its our living and breathing source of oxygen and water. I am big into recycling and using less plastic so we can preserve and protect our plants, animals and oceans.

This mural is grand so it instantly transforms an interior's feel and space, creating a beautiful and colorful bold room.

When choosing a wallpaper or mural, pick something you love as that is one of the most important things about living with pattern.

You don’t have to live in the south to feel the beauty and sanctuary of a tropical environment. These dramatic murals always make a designer statement. They automatically invoke a sense of style into any room.

Being in nature and surrounded by beautiful plants and greenery always makes you feel relaxed and happy, I know it does for me so why not bring the outdoors in by decorating with a wallpaper mural.

Remember, designing with patterns can bring happiness to you and all who are surrounded by it. Be bold, Be daring!

Create an inviting & exciting space using a mural. Mural is from the Anthology Resource Collection. Available in white and sky-blue!

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