Ocean Trends in Interior Design for 2022

Ocean Trends in Interior Design for 2022

Ocean Trends in 2022 - 2021 is coming to a close and we’re nearing the start of 2022!
And with the new year, comes a new trend.

The new forecast trend for 2022, what do you think that is? The ocean of course!

Everything is all about blue. From aqua, light blues to deeper hues, we’re all about sea life and the colors from the ocean to the sky.

Ocean Trends

Blue will be continuing to trend forward and another trend is shells.

I forecast shells coming back into fashion on fashion as well as home furnishings. Shells are classic motifs, which have been popular since ancient times and have returned back into style.

Often found carved into architectural columns and buildings from ancient times but today they are slowly making a comeback in high fashion in 2022.

You can have a beautiful shell fabric or wallpaper that will infuse the feeling of a coastal home even if you don’t live on or near a beach. Coastal themes like shells can create a feeling of calm and peacefulness.

Used in famous historic paintings like Botticelli's Birth of Venus painting, depicts Venus floating at shore on a beautiful large shell.

botticelli's birth of venus painting

Even then, since the 1480’s shells were depicted in art, tapestries and architecture.

Shells tend to conjure up memories of beautiful beaches and oceans that surround all of us around the world.

Shells and other ocean elements will also be a trend that I’ll be incorporating into my wallpaper and pillow designs coming out in 2022.

Water and the sky are important influences in design.

If you want a fresh look and feel, we have various fresh blues and aqua’s all influenced by ocean blues and the sky.

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Have fun decorating!

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