Walls that Talk

Walls that Talk
Jaima Emmert

Hi there! I'm Jaima Brown Emmert, the founder of Daisy Bennett Designs.

We specialize in creating unique and beautiful wallpaper, fabrics, and pillows.

We were recently featured in Gulfshore Life Magazine where they featured some of our wallpaper designs.

We're thrilled to be recognized for our passion and creativity, and we want to share this moment with you.

The article referred to our wallpaper designs as "Walls that Talk" and we couldn't agree more.

Wallpaper is the answer if you're looking for a way to elevate your space and tell a story.

As the founder and creative force behind Jaima & Co., I draw inspiration from vintage wallpapers and textiles collected from a lifetime of traveling the world, as well as from my family’s English heritage and the beautiful scenery from where I live in Naples, Florida. Added to this my personality, our designs are a combination of quirky and eclectic patterns that bring a worldly flair to trending designs.

Featured in the article was the Heron Mural from our Anthology Mural Collection. The serene Heron Mural was inspired by the scenery from where I live in Naples, Florida, which features a beautiful lake with wading birds fishing nearby.

My studio is located in a private apartment near my home and is where I get to create my designs.

Once I decide on a composition, the design is scanned into an electronic image and modified so that the pattern seamlessly repeats for a painted-on effect.

I then hang a sample in my studio before the wallcovering goes into production.

Beyond branching into furnishings and decor, I am so excited about our latest line of murals, which incorporates innovative digital processes to create textured designs, printed on grasscloth, ultra-thin cork, and burnished metal paper that resembles gold and silver leafing.

If you're a designer or potential customer looking for unique patterns that inspire and re-define your personal style, then look no further!

Our designs are sold in designer showrooms across America, Europe, China, Russia, and South America, but you're also welcome to contact us for a customized quote.

Our wallpaper and fabric print collections are guaranteed a perfect fit for any design project.

You too can surround yourself with beauty and let your walls tell a story by adding our luxury wallpaper and fabric print collections to your home or office space.

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