Chinoiserie Toile - Decorating with Blue and White

Chinoiserie Toile - Decorating with Blue and White

Decorating with Blue and White Chinoiserie Toile is easy on the eye but also creates a stunning interior space.

Chinoiserie Toiles offer a simplistic style which often portrays a more modern cleaner look to a rooms interior. We love it in wallpaper because the color combination of blue and white is classic. It makes decorating easy!

Blue and white Toile looks great with orange, pinks, greens, black, other blues and of course white. This pattern would look great in a powder room or bedrooms.

This blue and white Chinoiserie Wallpaper pattern is " Asiana" from the Chelsea Lane Collection. Fabric is called "Tomiko Toile' also from the Chelsea lane collection by and

Our blue and white wallpaper, Chinoiserie toile, has lotus flowers, pagodas, water movement and trees in the design. Very natural elements that are simplified so it makes the pattern more modern and bold.

This is the beauty of a Chinoiserie toile. You can easily mix in multi colored stripes, geometrics and even novelty prints with these simple two color patterns.

That is exactly what we did in a bedroom.

We combined the butterfly novelty wallpaper with the Chinoiserie blue and white Tomiko Toile fabric on a chair which created the perfect accent to the room. Toile's have been around for centuries in decorating but when it comes to these Chinoiserie one color pattern wallpapers, decorating is made easy.

This Chinoiserie toile, known as Asiana from the Chelsea Lane Collection comes in various colors like celery green, coral, grey, turquoise & green, pink & green as well as silver metallic on white and of course this classic blue and white color way.

To create drama in a room, choose a complimentary color to your toile wallpaper. Orange, pink or celery green accessories or accents would be fabulous with this blue and white wallpaper. Chinoiserie toile's are perfect for decorating as they are easy to mix patterns and colors with. If you want to keep your room simple, just stick to the theme blue and white and let the wallpaper make the lead for when adding accessories. Pull the blue from the wallpaper to add blue accents to the room. Creating a clean, simple yet dramatic interior space.

Wallpaper is always the finishing touch to a room. As I say "Blue & White, an American Classic: Forever Stylish."

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