Green Wallpaper Decorating Ideas

green palm fern pattern wallpaper

Todays design tip is all about decorating with green wallpaper ideas.

Ever heard the term, green with envy? Well people are going to green with envy when they see your home decorated with these beautiful wallpapers.

If you want to give your home a fresh breath of life that a coat of paint won't do, our wallpaper ideas are for you.

The Meaning of the Color Green

Did you know that green represents communication, and in the Celtic it represents hope and faith. Green has always represented rebirth in springtime when there is regjuvination in nature. And that's why a lot of people are attracted to the color green.

It’s bringing nature indoors.

Decorate with our Green Patterned Wallpapers

In the video below, we talk about different wallpaper ideas and how you can take advantage of them to give your space an attractive new look.

Wallpaper adds great value to your home. Whether you are selling it or just want to feel happy and update your interior, wallpaper is the answer. There is lots of styles to suit many looks

We have a beautiful Fern Print, the Palmera from the Woodlands Resource collection in a bold format about 18 inches long. It's simple, yet stately. Really makes a statement!

green palm fern pattern wallpaper
Palmera Fern, from the Chelsea Lane Collection

It can be mixed with our Mauwie pattern. It looks almost like a grass cloth in this weave pattern, but it is a print. These patterns would look great with navy, black, and white.

green mauwie wallpaper pattern
Mauwie, from the Anthology Resource Collection

Another pattern that's popular are geometric patterns. This ogee pattern is very easy on the eye. Curvilinear shapes are trending to be moving forward in design and in furniture. It is a very comforting pattern, just like in nature, your eye will naturally flow with the design.

I like to have patterns have more than one color of green. Just like the Catwalk in green, it can be easy to mix other greens with it. You can mix in fabrics, your bedding, and your towels to bring the design together. It just gives you more options. These patterns complement each other well.

If you are looking for something very simple and elegant, the toile in green has an Asian feel to it. Its a very simple pattern and looks fantastic with black, pink, or navy.

The Fifth Wall

Our grass cloth wallpaper is a textured wallpaper and painted with lots of green shades in it. It would look fantastic on the fifth wall. The fifth wall is what we call the ceiling in design. I love a wallpapered ceiling, I think it totally finishes off a room.

Whether you are selling your home or just want to feel happy and update your interior, wallpaper is the answer.

If you’re interested to know more about these patterns, you can email us at

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