Design Tips - Mixing Prints and Wallpaper Murals

heron mural

Design Tip: Mixing Prints & Murals

Have I ever mentioned how much I love birds? Inspired by nature and local walks around the tropical lakes, I decided to design this Heron Mural.

new heron mural from daisy bennett designs
Heron Mural coming soon...

1. Add the Heron Mural to your home

First, I created the mural, which has white flowers, birds and two small turtles. I am a huge animal lover and helping save our local turtles and birds is important to our planet and ocean life.

This mural creates a designer statement and has an updated painting style. Classic yet modern. Murals create a designer statement especially when it is as elegant as this one. I like to run a mural around a room so it is continuous, especially in a dining room or entranceway.

2. Accent with our Heron Pillow

We also will have the pillows to coordinate with the Heron Mural so you can bring the pattern into your interior space.

The pillows have the classic Heron bird with white flowers and berries in a soft aqua blue color that is made out of beautiful cotton linen fabric.

They are 22 “x 22” and so great to lean on and snuggle into to get comfortable no matter whereto decide to put them whether it be a kitchenette, bedroom, living room or den.

The master Heron pillow makes a statement no matter what style of décor you own.

3. Layer with Zambia accent lumbar pillow

The Zambia geometric lumbar pillow, inspired by African tribal prints, is a perfect companion.

Make a story using 2 pillows and blending 2 pillow sizes balances out the visual plane for your space.

Design tip: Blend smaller geometrics or textures with master print pillow designs.

The Zambia becomes a nice geometric texture to offset the master scenic Heron pillow.

We also are offering the Zambia as a wallpaper in a larger scale if you want a more modern backdrop and can use the Heron Pillows as the accents in the room.

This new wallpaper coming out soon comes in a neutral palette, navy and soft aqua . The beauty of the print is the grass cloth texture woven into the tribal design creating a modern yet textural statement.

4. Design Tips Video

Watch the video. And for more design tips and inspiration, (plus the new mural collection coming soon), follow us on Pinterest and Instagram

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