Interior Design Tips | The Beauty of Grasscloth Wallpaper

image of navy soliloquy wallpaper

Today I want to talk to you all about the beauty of grasscloth wallpaper!

Daisy Bennett Designs is coming out with a new grasscloth collection and it is full of various colored grasscloths as well as some corks and bamboo veneer geometric patterns.

My Favorite Grasscloth

One of my favorite colors in my new collection is the navy. Dark grasscloths and wallpapers look very luxurious in foyers and hallways which can optically make the space look bigger. What I love about a dark, rich color like navy in grasscloth is you don’t see the seam.

image of navy soliloquy wallpaper

You may not know that grasscloths don't line up! Due to their handmade nature, hence the darker color, the less you will see a seam.

Another favorite color of mine is the silver. It has a very light cream or white color on top. It is the same silver grasscloth we use in the background of our Blossom Mural.

This color is fantastic for reflecting light into the room. Keeping your interior light and airy. Hanging art is easy on a grasscloth as it’s such a great texture for any room of your home.

Where to Hang Grasscloth Wallpaper

Grasscloth is always great to hang in a foyer, dining room, den or living room.

One trend that is very popular now is to hang a grasscloth on a ceiling. Trending now and is almost becoming a standard in interior design is to hang the grasscloth on a coffered ceiling. We call that the 5th Wall. Totally adds a textural dimension to the space and is visually luxurious. It adds another layer to your decorating making your ceilings stand out.

So those are just some ideas for using grasscloth in your home. Give it a try, it's really luxurious and has a beautiful texture!

Be on the lookout for our New Grasscloth Collection coming this fall!

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