Design Trends for 2022

Design Trends for 2022
design trends for 2022

What are some of the color and home design trends for 2022?

We are seeing some pastels making their way into the color field in home decor. One of the most popular right now is this lighter green. A soft minty, celery-sage infused green making its way into home fashion. It is a beautiful color.

It is a natural progression as emerald green is so popular in design. We see lots of emerald green chairs, couches and pillows at the moment in designer interiors.

What is nice about this lighter celadon green is that it goes easily with emerald green. You can mix various greens with your existing furniture or décor. Nature is having a huge influence on pattern design as well and not only in color.

milano wallpaper pattern in
Milano - in seamint, from the Anthology Resource Collection

Granite, continues to be popular and we see it moving into lighting, mirrors and home accessories for 2022. You can never go wrong with a natural inspired trend like granite. We have our own granite inspired wallpaper “Milano” which does come in this new softer minty green which is blended with gold metallic, silver, grey and beiges so its an easy pattern to mix with other colors. Love the curvilinear shape of this wallpaper as it flows so nicely and is organic in feel. Green is known for being the color of communication. A lovely color to have in your home as it has calming and relaxing attributes.

Another popular trend we see are curvilinear shapes. Rounder shapes in furniture and home products are going to be more prevalent in home fashion in 2022. Curved chairs, curved couches and curved lines in modern design patterns like in our new “Lines" pillows coming out this fall, are all about softer, rounder lines and shapes to live with.

This trend reflects how natures organic influence is really starting to shape in products for home design. The wallpaper reflects the organic influence in design, with rounder shapes and more curvilinear lines. Easy to live with because it flows naturally and visually.

If you want a modern pattern inside your home, this one is the perfect match for you. Check it out on in the Anthology Resource Collection. Pattern is Milano.

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