How to Accessorize A Blush & Burnished Gold Metallic Birdcage Wallpaper

How to Accessorize A Blush & Burnished Gold Metallic Birdcage Wallpaper
Blush Bird Wallpaper I want to share three ideas on how to accessorize a beautiful blush Audubon wallpaper. As part of the Anthology Collection, this wallpaper has several elements such as gold metallic highlights on the bird cages and includes a Hummingbird, Titmouse, Cardinal and other colorful birds. Blush Audubon Wallpaper Anthology Resource Collection Birds symbolize different meanings. Often birds represents freedom, love, and peace, and each one has a different meaning and symbolism. The Titmouse symbolizes faith and blessings that are coming into your life. The Cardinal represents equilibrium and mystery. The Hummingbird represents joy, love, and healing. You also have the Robin, known as the Christmas bird. If you see a Robin, make a wish as supposedly in folklore, your wish will come true, they Here are some ideas of what accessories you can use to put with this blush Audubon Wallpaper: 1. Coral Accessories A coral accessory brings out the orange in the birds. When used in a bathroom, hang a coral towel with the wallpaper, this helps the corals and reds pop out in the wallpaper. Colored accessories highlight a room and help bring out the accent colors in the wallpaper. Audubon Wallpaper 2. Navy Accessories Another color that looks great with blush is navy. It’s classic and popular among Americans. The Navy color becomes the accent color for the room against the wallpaper. This would look great in a powder room as well, in a dining room and bedroom. Navy brings out the blues and greens in the wallpaper. 3. Chartreuse Yellow Pillow The Audubon pattern has a mix of whimsical elements in it such as lemons which makes the wallpaper more interesting visually. In the 1950's this would be called a conversational print or novelty print. Accenting with an animal print fabric like this chartreuse zebra fabric helps bring the yellow and lemons out in the wallpaper. Use your wallpaper pattern as a color guide. Pick one or two colors from the print and use those colors as your accent pieces when decorating a room. This can help you create focal points in your interior space as well. By having accent colors in a rooms decor it makes the room more inviting and visually pleasing. Those are just some color ideas you can use with this blush Audubon wallpaper from the Anthology Resource Collection. You can always use a darker or lighter couch in front of wallpaper as it makes the furniture pieces stand out in the space. The couch should be a solid color so it’s not overwhelming. You can have some fun with your decorating. For instance, add a lemon motif pillow on a navy couch, that would bring out the lemons in the wallpaper and carry the theme onto the furniture. Zanzibar Zebra Fabric from Notting Hill Collection We love giving you decorating, color and pattern ideas as we know wallpaper is the finishing touch. Photos from Anthology Resource Collection. Zebra fabric from Notting Hill Collection by Jaima & Company.

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