4 Tips to Hanging a Wallpaper Mural

4 Tips to Hanging a Wallpaper Mural

Design Tips for Hanging a Wallpaper Mural

Murals aren’t as hard as they seem. It’s a simple yet impactful way to add spice to any room. I’ve got few tips to share with you on how to hang a mural, so you can hang them easily!

#1 Select a Frame

Choose a centerpiece of the mural that you want to become the focal point for your wall. The design you choose should be in the middle of the wall. This technique allows you to gauge how it would flow along the rest of your wall.

#2 Ceiling Height

Know that you can still use murals even if your ceiling isn’t high. In fact, in this video, we worked with a 7-and-a-half foot tall wall height. You can trim from the bottom and top of most murals which is the best way to make them smaller in height. This way, you still have a little base at the bottom of the mural. https://daisybennettdesigns.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/PIN-Tips-on-Hanging-Murals.mp4

#3. Repeat the Pattern

What’s great about the murals from daisybennettdesigns.com is that they are designed in repeat. This means you can use more than one one mural and or use many to have a continuous flow around a room. It’s great for dining rooms, entranceways and bedrooms. foyers, or created in a repeated pattern that allows it to flow continuously on the wall.

#4 Pre-Measure and Pre-Layout

Always pre-layout the design and pre measure your walls so you know you have ordered enough mural to hang in your room. You want to be sure exactly where you want to put it to avoid mistakes. So lay the mural out first on the floor to make sure it is printed correctly and so you can see where you will start hanging your mural in your space.

Final Thoughts

Hanging a Mural in your home is easy and creates a designer look. Contact us for more information on the Charleston Garden Mural and make sure to follow us for more design tips!

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