How to Create a Modern Traditional Decor

How to Create a Modern Traditional Decor

How do you update a traditional look to be more modern? It's easy! With these decor tips, you can create a modern traditional look with pillows and accessories.

First, pick a traditional pattern that you love

I love botanicals and birds so today, in this video, I am showing the new large scale magnolia pillow fabric.

Then mix in some contemporary prints with it. Pick colors from the pillow to make the other coordinates flow.

Here I have a contemporary pillow designed from an art piece, it brings out the reds and oranges in the master pillow and is a great backdrop of color to the botanical print.

Another good pattern to put with traditional prints are geometrics. Here we chose Zambia, a bold black and white tribal geometric which makes the traditional print pop.

Another idea is to mix in a small print in similar colors to the botanical pillow. We chose this Catwalk pattern in green.

Catwalk in Green

It is textural, and highlights the various greens in the floral pillow. The white background is a great contrast to the botanical pillow.

Using different size pillows helps create a visual flow. The Zambia and Catwalk prints are lumbar pillows, which are long and rectangular 14” x 20” so they are a nice contrast sitting in front of the square botanical pillow.

So remember, to create a modern traditional decor style in your home, you need to add texture, with some accents of geometric patterns and smaller prints for a pop of color. An easy way to update your style in decorating.

My New Pillow Designs are coming soon, stay tuned. In the meantime, if you are looking for more design inspiration, follow us on Instagram and Pinterest.

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