Mixing Patterns with a Chinoiserie Mural

Mixing Patterns with a Chinoiserie Mural

We love mixing patterns, especially with our popular Chinoiserie Blossom Mural. It is easy to do, so I want to show you how we mixed these 3 patterns together for a well designed home.

image of wallpaper blue with other patterns text overlay, mixing patterns with chinoiserie

Choose A Featured Pattern

If you want to create a visually appealing space that flows with color. Start with your favorite mural. We chose the silver grass cloth Blossom Mural to be the featured pattern.

When mixing patterns, start with your favorite mural print. We have a few to choose from here at daisy bennett designs. Then select a color or colors from the mural that you want to carry throughout your home.

We chose the blues from the beautiful bird in the mural.

image of chinoiserie mural bird
Chinoiserie Blossom Mural

Choose a Texture

Next, you want to select a texture. We chose this navy grass cloth wallpaper, Soliloquy, from the Anthology Resource Collection. Textured wallpaper adds depth and separates it from the mural, yet carries the blues into another room.

image of navy soliloquy wallpaper

The main pattern, the mural, would be in a main dining room, hallway or bedroom, and the blue texture wallpaper would be great in a connecting hallway, under a chair rail, or in an office or den.

Choosing your Third Pattern

The third pattern we chose is the Catwalk Leopard pattern in blue and white. The white background makes if fresh while also separating it from the blue grass texture wallpaper in the next room.

catwalk sample image wallpaper in blue and white

Animal prints are great because the add a bit of whimsy while at the same time, add texture and color to a space.

This leopard print brings in the blues form the texture and the blue from the birds in the mural. Perfect animal print for a ceiling, a powder room, bedroom or kitchen.

Overview for Mixing Patterns

Basically, you start with your mural as your main pattern. Then pick a texture and then a simple print, like the leopard for the last space.

Another tip, You should use 3 different scales in patterns so they do not conflict visually with one another.

Three different patterns yet they all flow together. Have some fun and try mixing patterns in your home! Enjoy!

pinterest image of 3 wallpaper patterns in blue, with text mixing patterns with a chinoiserie mural

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