Pillow Talk with Novelty Prints

Pillow Talk with Novelty Prints

One idea for decorating is using novelty prints in your home. They help bring a color story and a theme into a rooms décor. Novelty fabrics speak wonders as they bring detail, tell a story and set the mood for the look of a room.

image of jewels of the sea pattern with text, pillow talk with novelty prints

Why Novelty Prints

Novelty prints are great because they offer so many choices for companion pillows. Get various looks by mixing a novelty print with a geometric, a textural print or plain color into your décor story.

We brought out the raspberry color to enhance the bedroom accessories as we also had a chest of drawers lacquered in a fuchsia pink and a side table. This brought out more of the raspberry and fuchsia colors into the bedroom.

bed decorated with 2 jewels of the sea pillows and accent pillow in fuchsia

Novelty prints with lots of colors lets you pick and select the color you want to feature in your living spaces.

Design Tips about Mixing Patterns

One keynote to remember is scale.

Always have a large, medium and small print when mixing patterns. This creates balance visually because if all patterns are the same size, then it distracts from your main feature pattern.

So always use a master novelty print, then a smaller companion to create visual balance. The large Euro pillows in Jewels of the Sea offer lots of possibilities because the pattern has many colors and is large in scale.

You can mix a chartreus geometric with it, a solid bolster or put a texture or smaller coral print with this type of novelty pillow. Another place novelty fabrics are great to be used are on accent chairs. You can always use the same fabric on the chair as on the main master euro pillows on the bed, this makes the pattern visually flow though out your room.

Try a novelty print fabric and bring some life and fun into your home!

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